Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank You! and don't forget about our Panel Discussion Series on the weekends

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the opening reception for Buy/Collect. It just proves that Minneapolis is an amazing art town! Check out some pictures at

We have three really great panel discussion coming up on the weekends so plan on coming by. They will be moderated by Robyne Robinson and are free and open to the public. Here is the schedule:

April 18 @ 2pm: "The Relevance of Arts Patronage". Panelists include: Emma Berg,; Amy Rice, artist; Frank Gaard, artist; Anne-Marie Wagener, Minneapolis Institute of Art; Sheila Smith, MN Citizens for the Arts.

April 19 @ 2pm: "The Growth and the Decline of the Contemporary Art Market in Minnesota". Panelists include: Greg Dickerson, artist; Sheila Smith, MN Citizens for the Arts; Martin Weinstein, Weinstein Gallery.

April 25 @ 2pm: "Designers & Galleries: The interdependence of Art & Design". Panelists include: Susan Wittine, Design Within Reach; John Alspach, artist/curator; Dan Ibarra, Aesthetic Apparatus Artists and Design Group.

When at the Bookman Stacks, enter in the rear courtyard of the building. We are in Unit #105 which is on the far left.


  1. Thanks for having these panels. They are a nice addition to the traditional art show. I've been to the first two panels and they have been great.

    What I have taken away so far is that artists should do more to develop relationships with their buyers so the buyers may better represent the artist to others.

    That, and the future of the art market in Minnnesota looks a bit bleak--better make good use of Art-Attack and Art-a-Whirl if an artist wants to sell to the buying public; the local galleries are unlikely to be much help to the non-established artist.